Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Wifi Control - Set Up

Setting up your Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Wifi Control is straightforward. If Plum Heating & Cooling installed your Mitsubishi Unit, they may have already attached the MAC-558IF-E Adapter if it was ordered as part of your package. To Set Up, follow these Steps. View the attached Installation Guide for any Troubleshooting.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Wifi

01. Check Wi-Fi and WPS are enabled on your router. The connection procedure varies depending on your router – refer to your router manual for more information.

02. Activate WPS mode on your router. This will be enabled for a set period allowing approximately two minutes to complete Step 3. To do so please refer to your router’s manual.

03. Activate WPS on your adaptor by using a small object to press and hold the WPS button for two seconds.

04. Turn the adaptor over and check LED 1 (top light) is flashing.

05. When LED 1 remains solid for 5 seconds the adaptor is connecting to your router.

06. Next, the bottom light (LED 3) will start flashing as it connects to the internet. This may continue for up to 10 minutes.

07. When LED 1 and LED 3 flash alternately the unit is successfully connected to the internet.

08. If LED 2 (orange) lights up at any stage there may be a problem. Check the troubleshooting section on the Attached Manual

09. If LED 2 (orange) lights up at any stage there may be a problem. Check the troubleshooting section on page 11.*

Mitsubishi Split System Wifi

Store Your Mitsubishi Split System Remote and go Wi-Fi

Introducing the Mitsubishi Split System Wifi Controller! Giving you Freedom to manage all the basic features of a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner wherever you are in the World!

The Control allows you to:

  • Turn your air conditioner on and off
  • Adjust the operation modes: auto, heat, cool, dry, or fan
  • Set the room temperature that you desire
  • Monitor the room temperature in real-time
  • Adjust the airflow direction
  • Change the fan speed
  • Control Multiple Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Wifi Enabled Units
  • Replaces the need for a Mitsubishi Split System Remote

 Optional additional adapter MAC-559IF-E required per unit.

Mitsubishi Full Split System Range

See our Full Range of Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Split Systems.
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