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Handheld Controllers & Wall Mounted Controls

Get the most out of your Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Remote by setting parameters for your unit. These controllers allow you to create comfort levels that match your requirements. As Split Systems become more advanced, so are the Mitsubishi Aircon remote controllers. Now with the ability to control all units using one App, these Mitsubishi Electric units are well accompanied to deliver you the perfect climate environment.

Mitsubishi aircon remote

24 Hour Controller

Aiming to simplify the operation of a Mitsubishi Aircon Unit, this Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Remote has an easy to read display with a variety of operating modes. An on/off timer allows the user to set up operating times on a daily basis. Its ‘i-Save’ mode quickly recalls the preset temperature. Comes Standard with the GE25/35/50 series.

mitsubishi air conditioner remote

Weekly Mitsubishi Aircon Remote Controller

Standard for the GL Series, EF Series, FH Series and also the older GE60/70/80 models, this Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Remote allows you to programme a weekly timer as well as 24 hours. This is a step up from the 24-hour Controller and also features the ‘i-Save’ function.


7 Day Controller

This wall mounted 7-day controller is an optional upgrade when it comes to Split Systems, replacing the Mitsubishi aircon remote. The PAR-33MAA Controller allows you to program up to 8 stop/start patterns per day for up to 7 days at a time. This comes standard with Mitsubishi’s Ducted Refrigeration Air Conditioning range. Optional upgrade adapter per unit is required for Split Systems.

Mitsubishi PAR-CT01MAA MA Touch Controller

Mitsubishi Touch Controller

This wall mounted Touch Controller comes in 2 colour. Black (which is bluetooth enabled) and the White version. Both are customisable 3.5 inch colour LCD touch panels which makes it easy to use. Compatible for Mitsubishi's Ducted Refrigerated units (with no zones). These controllers will compliment any decor.

Mitsubishi Split System Wifi

Take Control No Matter Where In The World You Are

Mitsubishi Wi-Fi Control takes heating or cooling to another level, giving you total home comfort control wherever you are.

This App connects your Mitsubishi Air Conditioner to your tablet, smartphone, and online account, giving you access to fully control each Mitsubishi Aircon unit on-the-go using an internet connection. Whether you have one Mitsubishi Aircon Unit or five individual Mitsubishi Split System units throughout the house, this smart innovation will control all units using this one app. Put the Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Remote aside and Go-Mobile!

Mitsubishi Electric Zone Controller

Zone Controller for Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Air Conditioning

This sleek Wall Mounted Zone Controller Senses Temperature, Occupancy, and Brightness.

The Mitsubishi Zone Controller is designed for the Mitsubishi Ducted Refrigerated Units that have been zoned. It has the ability to control up to 8 zones on one unit. The 3 built-in sensors ensures that the unit is reducing energy consumption.

Mitsubishi Touch Controller

Mitsubishi Touch Controller

Mitsubishi takes it to that next level with the Mitsubishi Touch Controller. Mounted to the wall, this sleek controller makes its statement with its customisable 3.5 inch Colour LCD. 

Available in both Black and White, the Mitsubishi Touch Controller is an upgrade for the PAR-33MAA. Compatible with the Mitsubishi Ducted Refrigeration units, this controller can do everything its big brother can do.. plus more! Choose from the simple model or the Bluetooth model. With this feature, you are able to take control or your unit using your phone or tablet. Model: PAR-CT01MAA-S/SB/PB

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