Meet A Plummy: Ash

Staff Profile Ash Dixon

They say there are no jobs for life these days, but if Sales Engineer Ash Dixon has his way, he’ll be with Plum Heating and Cooling for the long haul.

Already a 12 year veteran of the business, but still in his twenties, Ash started out with Plum after deciding that school wasn’t for him.

“I started with Plum when I was 16, straight out of school. My Dad had heard they were looking for apprentices and, long story short, I got the job.”

“We were known as the Climate Centre then, based on Synnot Street in Werribee, before we moved to the new sales centre in Point Cook.”

“The biggest changes I’ve seen in the business is simply the number of employees we have, the number of vans we have on the road. When I started we had one van, now we have about 12.”

Ash says that while he’s always enjoyed working at Plum, it was very different to his school days.

“It was hard to adapt from school to work, like crawling under floors and stuff, I was pretty tired by the time I got home from work in those early days. But I really enjoyed it, being independent and the responsibility of doing a good job.”

“It’s a really great team to work with, everyone’s so good at their job and really committed. Kyle (the owner of the business) is fantastic and so easy to get along with.”

He says the highlights of his career with Plum have been the numerous business awards, including the 2012 Wyndham Business of the Year.

“It been great to have our team acknowledged with business awards, it such a boost to your professional confidence.”

When not at work, Ash spends time with his wife and 2 year old son, and also likes to go four wheel driving and water skiing.