NEWS RELEASE: Plum Rewards Loyal Customers Ahead of Summer

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A Melbourne heating and cooling company is using social media to reward its customers while better engaging with customers.

Check out the article on PR Web here: Plum, Heating and Air-Conditioning Company in Melbourne, Rewards Loyal Customers Ahead of Summer

Within the past few years, there has been a surge in the use of social media in the business world, with many companies opting to use the online platform to enhance interaction with their customers and to promote their business. Along with this increase, many companies use various techniques to better engage with the online world.

Maintaining effective communication between the business and customers is an important component when delivering great customer service and building a successful business. Businesses that offer the best customer service in any platform are the ones that seemingly do a great job at communicating with their customers.

A successful business will use the best accessible tools and technology to develop and nurture a good relationship with their customers. In today’s fast paced technical driven world, these tools are increasingly including social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Plum Heating and Cooling, a Melbourne Company have utilised these techniques by using Facebook to engage with and reward their loyal customers while reaching out to other online users.

The Melbourne heating and cooling company recently launched a campaign that offers its Facebook friends to post their postcode on their website to go in the draw to win a free service. Each week a random person is chosen to win the competition.

“Plum has many loyal customers and we wanted to incorporate a way to use social media to better interact and reward this group, while also reaching out to potential customers” says Jim Pomella from Plum.

This social media campaign comes just before summer; an extra incentive for the Plum customers to enter the competition, Jim says “The summer is only three weeks away, so it’s a perfect time to get your air conditioning service Melbourne, to ensure it is working correctly for the hot days ahead, so our customers are jumping at the chance to get a free service.”

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