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Is your home electrical switchboard a fire risk?

Is your home electrical switchboard a fire risk?

An electrical switchboard that is out of date or in poor condition can be a fire risk to you and your family.
Is your home electrical switchboard a fire risk
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Have you taken a good look at your home electrical switchboard lately? Do you know what you are looking at, how it works, and whether it’s a safety risk? 

If you answered no to any of these questions, then this blog was written for you. 

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Your home’s electrical wiring and switchboard are two of the most important mechanisms in your home.  

When they are working well, they power a gamut of modern appliances that we’ve come to rely on in today’s high-tech world. 

But a switchboard that is out of date or in poor condition is of very real risk to you and your family. And here’s why.  

Older versus modern electrical switchboards

We lived in simpler times prior to the 1990s, when technology was far more basic.  

Back in those days, a simpler switchboard was all that was required to power the basics, such as a washing machine, fridge and TV. 

Shift to today, and we’re running advanced home theatre systems, complex home security, heating and cooling units, multiple computers and smart devices, and even robot cleaning devices.  

Older-style switchboards just weren’t designed to cope with this type of load. And if you have an older one, it’s definitely time to look at an upgrade.  

Modern switchboards have safety switches that shut off the main supply in the event that there is an issue, like a leaking or exposed wire. Older switchboards don’t do this, greatly increasing the risk of fire. 

Also, the ceramic, rewireable fuses found in these older switchboards have a tendency to catch fire. This would never happen in a modern switchboard, thanks to the circuit breakers. 

Signs that you have switchboard issues 

  • Flickering lights in the home. 
  • Constant power tripping. 
  • Overheating switchboard cables. 
  • House built before the 1990s. 
  • Fuses blow if running multiple appliances/devices. 
  • Fuse wire popping out of the holder, or frayed wire, which can cause a cable melt and fire.

Also, a word of caution to those having to upgrade your switchboard: you may have to replace your mains as well, because having an insufficiently large supply cable to your home can be just as dangerous as having the wrong circuit protection in your switchboard. The more electricity we use, the hotter the cables get, so you need a mains big enough to cope with this load.   

Book an electrical switchboard upgrade with Plum Trade Services

Your family’s health and safety come first and when it comes to anything electrical, you need to know that you are in the safest hands in the electrical business. 

None of Plum’s electricians are contractors – they are full-time Plum employees who embrace the same values of trust, honesty & integrity that our company is so well-known for. 

They are all qualified and licenced electricians who provide compliance certificates on all jobs. This is super-important when you get any electrical work done, because it guarantees that the work is up to code. 

They are punctual, reliable, and can be trusted to be clean and tidy around your home. But above all, they are always safe – ensuring you and your family can sleep easy. 

In short, they are the type of friendly, personable people who you’d be happy taking around to mum’s for a lamb roast. 

No matter whether you need your premises rewired, you need lighting or appliances installed, or are just in need of a simple repair, Plum Trade Services have you sorted. 

You can request a quote online here for all and any electrical work. This service is hassle-free, because we pride ourselves on putting your needs first. 

Or, you can jump on the telephone and give one of our friendly, award-winning customer service team a call on (03) 8360-9622 in Melbourne, or (03) 5292-2219 in Geelong.  

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