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Premium Split System Service

Introducing Plum Heating and Cooling’s NEW Premium Air Conditioner Service! ECO CLEAN is much more intense, thorough and goes deeper than all other cleaning services on the market. This system has been designed and revolutionized to eliminate all the Bacteria, Mould & Fungi build up in the system. Other Standard cleaning services cannot do this. Only an Eco-Clean will clean out born pollutants that causes health problems such as allergies and asthma.

Air Conditioning Service

An Eco Clean will lower your running costs so you can save on your power bills! – If a system is dirty it works harder to cool the air. The system may become clogged with dirt, grime and mould. It will put undue stress on the unit and increase your energy consumption.

Does your split system smell bad? Split systems are an ideal breeding ground for mould, bacteria and fungi. If you have a bad odour this in an indicator that your system needs an ‘Eco clean’. These air born pollutants can cause health problems such as allergies, asthma and more.

Did you know a dirty & dusty unit can be hazardous? A unit that goes without a service for an extended period will always have a reduction in the quality of air it produces. Eco Cleaning will clean dust and airborne contaminants off the coil which is located behind your filters. A standard service would not do this.


Deeply Cleans & Sanitises the System

Designed to thoroughly clean hard-to-reach places.

Remove Mould and Bacteria

Specially formulated to remove airborne contaminants hidden deep inside the coil.

Reduce Your Power Bills

Energy consumption is lowered by relieving pressure on the unit.

What is involved in an Eco Clean?

  • We remove the plastic covers from split system and take them outside. We will then spray them with a special industrial anti-bacterial chemical.
  • We then attach a waste water catchment bag and drain hose to the indoor unit.
  • We apply industrial grade chemicals to loosen the dirt on the exposed indoor fan coil
  • We then ‘Eco Clean’ the system with our special pressured water system to remove dirt, grime and mould from the indoor unit fan coil
  • We then clean the indoor barrel fan and back of chassis
  • We will blow dry your indoor unit with our exclusive portable drying system
  • We then ‘Eco Clean’ the covers and filters that have been exposed to the anti-bacterial chemicals.
  • We then re-assemble your unit and complete a full function test
  • Standard Air Condition Service

    • Clean the Indoor Unit Filters
    • Flush the drain to eliminate Insects and Foreign Matters
    • Check for Leaks of Refrigerant
    • Check the Indoor Fan Coil
    • Clean the Outdoor Compressor
    • Check all Electrical Connections
    • Complete a Full Function Test

    Premium Air Condition Service – EcoClean

    • Clean the Indoor Unit Filters
    • Flush the drain to eliminate Insects and Foreign Matters
    • Check for Leaks of Refrigerant
    • Check the Indoor Fan Coil
    • Check all Electrical Connections
    • Check all Electrical Connections
    • Complete a Full Function Test
    • Dismantle and Reassemble Unit for a thorough Deep Clean
    • Remove Dirt, Grime and Mould from the Indoor Unit
    • Pressure Clean and Sanitise Unit
    • Clean the Indoor Barrel Fan and Back of Chassis
    • Pressure Wash the Outdoor Unit
    Plum Heating Cooling Eco Clean Premium Service

    How Often Should You Get Air Conditioning Service in Melbourne?

    We recommend you get your wall hung split system air conditioning service in Melbourne once every 12 months. To book an Eco Clean, please call us on (03) 8360 9622 or get in touch with us via our contact form.

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