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Eco Cleaning keeps your wall hung split system air conditioner running cleanly, hygienically and efficiently.

Split system air conditioning systems are a moist, warm environment. Warmth and moisture make ideal breeding conditions for mould, bacteria and fungi. Through time and neglect, your air conditioner can end up harbouring all sorts of nasties. Bad odour is an indicator that things have gone wrong. As well as pushing bad smells through your house, these airborne pollutants can contribute to health problems, including asthma and allergies.

A dirty air conditioner also has to work much harder to cool the same amount of air. As the system becomes more and more clogged with dirt, grime and mould, it will chew through more and more electricity, and you will be stung for more and more with every power bill as your system pushes around dirtier and dirtier air.

Clean Air Cooled Efficiently

Eco Cleaning is the comprehensive air conditioning service in Melbourne for your wall hung split system air conditioner. The plastic covers, filter, fan coil, barrel fan and the back of the indoor unit are all cleaned and sanitised with anti-bacterial chemicals to remove dirt and kill pathogens. At the end of this process the indoor air conditioning unit is blow dried, reassembled and thoroughly tested by the technician to ensure that everything is in complete working order. You will then be left with a wall hung split system air conditioning that circulates healthy air. It will not be pushing bad smells into your home. And it won’t cost any more than it should to run.

What Customers are Saying

“We just had a routine service of the heating and cooling system in our rental property. The young lad James who did the service was awesome! Polite, friendly, helpful, happy to work in with the time that suited us and was good enough to entertain and involve the 5 year old apprentice he had by his side the minute he walked in with tools in hand!! James was very efficient and professional and if I was ever to run my own business could only hope for employees of a similar caliber! Plum Heating and Cooling, this lad should be on more money! An asset to your business worth any amount of money!!.”

Sharlene W.
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"Plum have been fantastic. They installed heating and cooling in one of our properties and heating in another. As a landlord it is great to be able to get Plum to liaise with Agents and tenants to have the items serviced. They do more than just service them too. We get the whole test results to keep the insurance happy and the peace of mind knowing that all is checked and safe. They even look after our own ancient system and no prizes for guessing who will be installing its replacement when the time comes. Plum as far as I am concerned do a Plum job every time. I wholeheartedly recommend them to all my friends and they never disappoint."

Carole P.
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